The Everything 2 lb Bulk Bag

Dear Fortune Seekers, gather 'round, for we unveil a treasure worthy of the most devout Fortune Favors aficionados. The arcane key to boundless delight, a trove of endless possibilities, be it in the alchemy of baking, the symphony of culinary creation, or the simple joy of savoring.

Within lies the essence of abundance, a bounty woven by ancient hands, waiting to unfurl its magic at your beck and call. These bulk candied pecans are no mere sustenance; they are an elixir, a portal to realms of flavor yet uncharted, a promise of endless moments steeped in wonder and delight.

Fortune Favors The Everything is a magical blend of poppy and sesame seeds, garlic and onion; each delicate flavor carefully layered to bestow upon each candied pecan a touch of otherworldly enchantment. With each bite, you will journey deeper into an extraordinary world where sweet meets savory in the most delightful and unexpected of ways. 

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