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Embark on a mystical journey and uncover the secrets of Points Alchemy:

Step 1

Join! Enter your name and behold… 20 enchanting points shall grace your account like stardust sprinkled by cosmic fingers.

Step 2

Earn! Return to the well and earn additional favor with every shopping sojourn.

Step 3

Redeem! When the stars align and the moment is ripe, the power to weave points into exclusive discounts will present itself. A spell of savings, crafted from the threads of destiny itself.

Ways to Earn Points

15 points

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15 points

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20 points

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50 points

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20 points

Create an account

250 Points

Make 5 Purchases

1 Points Per $1.00

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Ways to Redeem Points

$10 off

200 points

$20 off

300 points

$40 off

520 points

Share the magic with friends.

Should you guide a friend to spend over $30, a spell shall be cast. They will be gifted $15, a token of benevolence bestowed upon them. And 50 points will wing its way to you.