Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What makes Fortune Favors so darn tasty?

A: In the heart of the North American woods, where ancient secrets whisper through the leaves, resides the native pecan. Laden with flavor and a bounty of life's essences, it holds the promise of vitality within its very core.

In the cauldron of Eric and his kin, alongside a handful of gifted artisans, these pecans are conjured with a touch of sugar, a sprinkle of salt, and behold, the formula unfolds: Sweet + Rich + Salt = a symphony of wonder.

For Eric, this artistry is a culmination of four decades, with a singular mission to bestow joy through culinary magic. Fortune Favors, a 'candied pecan,' a caramelized touch of sugar, just enough to unveil the depths of nature's treasure trove.

Only 5g of added sweetness grace each serving, a testament to a world where even Honey Nut Cheerios find themselves surpassed in subtle sweetness.

Q: Is Fortune Favors Gluten-Free?

A: Yes! In the kitchen where Fortune Favors takes its final form, know this: it is a realm, devoted solely to the craft of enchantment. Here, in this sanctified space, gluten is not welcome.

We bear the mark of laboratory certification, a seal bestowed by wise alchemists, attesting to the purity of our creation. The Spicy, The Everything, and the Up North Mix, too, stand under the same mystic gluten-free canopy.

*Fortune Favors is produced in a facility that only makes Fortune Favors. We have lab certification that the products, including The Classic, The Spicy, The Everything, and the Up North Mix varieties, are Gluten-Free.

The Fortune Favors Magic Bar is produced in a facility that processes milk, eggs, wheat, soy, gluten, tree nuts, and peanuts.

Q: Is Fortune Favors vegan?

A: Yes! Untouched by animal creatures or their byproducts. With pecans, canola oil, sugar, and salt, ours are purely plant-based wonders.

And in the cauldron of The Spicy, where the fire of chili-spiked magic ignites, it, too, emerges as a beacon of vegan virtue. The Everything, New Communities, and Sweater Weather, kin to this fiery spirit, also reside in the kingdom of Plant, not beast.

The Up North Mix may contain trace amounts of dairy (contains dark chocolate sourced from a facility that processes items containing dairy).

*Note: The Fortune Favors Magic Bar IS NOT vegan (contains milk and eggs).

Q: Is Fortune Favors peanut-free?

A: Yes! In the heart of our abode, where the alchemy of Fortune Favors is woven, know this: it is a kitchen free from peanuts and other tree nuts except pecans, a sanctuary of safety.

*Note: The Fortune Favors Magic Bar is conjured in a kingdom that processes peanuts and other tree nuts.

Q: How much sugar is in Fortune Favors?

A: Within each ethereal serving, five grams of added sugar dance—a mere ounce, each cradling this touch of ambrosial nectar.

Fortune Favors is an ally to those who seek the path of low-sugar enchantment. In the grand design, all things find their harmonious place, and so it is with this delectable treasure, a reminder that balance is the key to wonder.

Q: Is Fortune Favors keto-friendly?

A: Yes! These wondrous nuts bear the mark of low-carbohydrate kinship. Within each serving of Fortune Favors, a dance of seven grams of net carbohydrates and two grams of fiber unfurls.

Q: Is Fortune Favors Kosher?

A: Yes, Our Fortune Favors The Classic, The Everything and The Spicy are indeed Kosher. While our Fortune Favors Three sparkle with a dusting of Kosher salt, alas, the other products are not Kosher.

Should you seek further insights into this alchemical concoction, click here.

Q: How long does Fortune Favors stay fresh?

A: In its untouched slumber, our enchanted packaging safeguards the essence of Fortune Favors for up to ten months. On the underbelly of each can, you will find a 'Best By' date, a celestial marker bestowed to maximize your indulgence.

Once the seal is broken, a kinship emerges between Fortune Favors and the humble potato chip. Both defy restraint, for once tasted, one can scarcely stop. Yet, they require the embrace of their vessels, lest their vibrant 'snap' falters in the passing of time.

And should a can of Fortune Favors find itself untouched, its 'Best By' date can be extended up to one lunar cycle ( month.)

Q: Why pecans?

A: Ah, dear seeker, let me spin for you the tale of Fortune Favors, a serendipitous dance of cosmic threads. In the enchanted chronicles, you may discover the origin of this joyful concoction, a tale spun with threads of whimsy and serendipity.

Pecans, they are the chosen vessels for our caramel alchemy, nature's canvas, if you will. They toast under the watchful eye of fate, revealing a unique buttery essence, and in their intricate embrace, salt and sugar find their hidden sanctuaries, birthing a symphony of flavors.

But there is more, for pecans hold a deeper secret. They are the sole nut to call North America home. In the arcane circles of nut lore, this fact is revered, a testament to the wonder of nature's design.

Q: Do you sell other kinds of nuts?

A: In the house of Fortune Favors, pecans reign supreme, an exclusive sovereign of our craft. The universe, in its boundless wisdom, has guided us down this singular path.

For within simplicity lies a hidden enchantment. In a world of endless choices, we have chosen to devote ourselves to a singular art, a craft that we hold dear.

Every nuance, every detail, is woven with utmost care. We are the keepers of the flame, the guardians of a singular legacy, we believe in doing one thing extraordinarily well. In this case, our Nuts.

 Q: Can I buy a Fortune Favors gift card?

A: Indeed, Fortune Favors Gift Cards await their destined recipient on our wondrous website.

Q: Does Fortune Favors collect sales tax in all states?

A: No! As of now, our tax web extends its threads only to the realms of Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and New York, where our presence is known.

Fortune Favors, in the eyes of the states, is often classified as a sweet 'candy,' and thus, where the stars align, sales tax may come to pass. Yet, in distant realms, it is the duty of the discerning consumer to heed the call of their own state's tax laws, a responsibility borne by those who venture into these enchanted lands.

Q: How should I dispose of an empty Fortune Favors can? What about the 2lb bulk bag?

A: Our cans, vessels of wonders adorned with labels spun from enchanted threads, may bear the gift of recyclability but alas, not all lands may allow it..

Therefore, consult with your local keepers of recycling lore to ensure the proper passage of our vessels.

To recycle our cans, should your kingdom allow it, clean its inner sanctum with care, wipe it with a cloth and cast aside the silica packet. Then, return the plastic lid to the vessel and recycle.

Our 2-lb bags are crafted with the essence of post-consumer recycled content. Yet, heed this mystic counsel: these bags, though born of magic, are not destined for the grand cycle of recycling. Instead, let them find solace in the realm of the earthly trash.

Q: Why did you change your name?

A: As the seasons change, so does one’s visage of themselves. So was the case with our name. It was time for new beginnings.


Q: “What’s up” with shipping?

A: Seeker of Fortune, know this: our enchantments traverse the breadth of the United States, bringing Fortune Favors to all the land. Upon placing your order, we set forth within the day to dispatch your treasures, pausing for only major holidays and the sacred day of rest.

The art of shipping is a dance of weight and size, destination and swiftness. The cost, though steep, is a reflection of this arcane dance. But know this: we gain nothing from this transaction. Instead, we quest tirelessly to unearth lower-cost spells that may carry your treasures with a lighter step.

Q: I didn't receive tracking on my package, help!

A: During checkout, a choice is presented: shall tracking be sent via email or text? Please look to both for your tracking number in the event that you opted for the one you thought not.

Should the missives still elude you, fear not. Send your queries to info@fortunefavorsnuts.com. Together, we shall unravel the mystery of your missing code.

Q: My package should have been here by now, where is it?

A: In the dance of carriers, both winged and terrestrial, we entrust your treasures to the care of USPS or UPS, guided by the stars and the whims of the customer's choosing. For those who seek the mantle of Free Shipping on orders of $99 and beyond, the fates shall decree which carrier graces their path, swayed by the winds of economy.

The tides of change have stirred the realms of postal carriers, especially since the days of Covid. Allow them the grace of a few extra sunrises.

Unfortunately, our magic holds no sway over the USPS.

If time's embrace is of the essence, consider the swifter path, a faster shipping method at the checkout. Or, by calling upon the shop at 608-709-1077. Together, we will endeavor to quicken the steps of your precious cargo on its journey.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: In the realm of Fortunes and Favors, should our goods not meet your expectations fear not, for we hold open the gates of recompense. With humility, we will swiftly refund your purchase.

As stewards of a small, familial venture, we are ever seeking to refine our craft. And so, in the quiet hours, we may extend a humble request to share with us your experience. Your words are woven into the very fabric of our journey, shaping the path we tread towards exceeding your expectations in times yet to unfold.

Q: What are your privacy policies and terms of service?

A: Click to view our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Should your queries persist, email us info@fortunefavorsnuts.com, or invoke the ancient art of the telephone by calling us at 608-709-1077. And if the spirit moves you, venture forth to our hallowed shop during the appointed hours. For in each heartbeat of connection, we find the threads that weave the tapestry of our shared journey.

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