Our Ingredients

Here at Fortune Favors, we handmake small batches of candied pecans sourced from only the BEST and highest quality ingredients. We are proud to source USA-grown pecans. All of our ingredients are gluten-free, vegan and entirely plant-based!

The Classic

The Classic candied pecans contain 4 simple ingredients: pecans, cane sugar, canola oil, and kosher salt.

From the very first taste, Fortune Favors The Classic captures your senses and takes you on a journey beyond the ordinary. This is more than a candied pecan. It’s an invitation to experience the extraordinary; a delicious, complex treasure trove of flavors that beckons you to indulge. From the delicate balance of salty-sweet to the intricate dance of toasted pecans, this is a love story longing to be told—one that unfolds with each enchanting bite.

The Spicy

The Spicy candied pecans contain just 9 ingredients: pecans, cane sugar, canola oil, kosher salt + 5 types of chilis.

Crafted with a touch of artistry that borders on alchemy, Fortune Favors The Spicy is an experience unlike any other. Five chilis, each a guardian of distinct flavor, unite their forces with the rich sweetness of these candied pecans, and dare you to become a part of their story – a tale of bold exploration and sweet, spicy, and soul-warming indulgence you won’t soon forget.

The Everything

The Everything candied pecans (like an Everything bagel) contain 9 ingredients: pecans, cane sugar, canola oil, kosher salt, dried garlic & onion, poppy seeds and white & black sesame seeds.

Fortune Favors The Everything is a magical blend of poppy and sesame seeds, garlic and onion; each delicate flavor carefully layered to bestow upon each candied pecan a touch of otherworldly enchantment. With each bite, you will journey deeper into an extraordinary world where sweet meets savory in the most delightful and unexpected of ways.