January 24, 2023

Recipe: Ramen Noodles with Spicy Pecan Sauce

Ramen noodles with spicy pecan sauce

This recipe spotlights The Spicy candied pecans made with a blend of five chilis to give a medium level of heat and a huge depth of flavor (think of it as a 2 on a 4-chili heat scale.) Here at Fortune Favors, we like to say The Spicy is "Midwest spicy" because it doesn't offend anyone. 😉

🌶 Our Spicy pecans contain only 6g of sugar per serving (most candied nut brands have 12g), are vegan, certified gluten-free, filled with healthy fats and are keto-friendly.  

🍜 This recipe can be served hot, with the cooling vegetables over top, or chilled for a hearty, refreshing meal. Any vegetables or additional protein can be added... make it your own!


Ramen Noodles:‎

  • 3 packets dried ramen noodles (cooked al dente, drained and rinsed in cold water)‎

  • ‎2 teaspoons sesame oil ‎

The Spicy Pecan Sauce:‎

  • ‎ ½ cup Fortune Favors The Spicy candied pecans, roughly chopped 

  • ‎3 garlic cloves, roughly chopped ‎

  • ‎1 tablespoon fresh ginger root, roughly chopped ‎

  • ‎1 tablespoon sambal or chili paste ‎

  • ‎½ cup pecan butter ‎(or other nut butter)

  • ‎1 tablespoon brown sugar

  • ‎2 tablespoons hoisin sauce ‎

  • ‎2 tablespoons rice vinegar ‎

  • ‎2 tablespoons tamari (GF) or soy sauce

  • ‎1 cup hot water‎


  • ‎1 cup cucumbers, thinly sliced into matchstick cut ‎

  • ‎½ cup scallions, thinly sliced ‎

  • Chili crisp (like this), to taste ‎

  • Sesame seeds 

  • 1 handful, chopped Spicy candied pecans


Ramen Noodles:‎
  1. ‎ Thoroughly mix sesame oil into noodles and set aside.
Spicy Pecan Sauce:‎
  1. ‎ Process all ingredients until almost smooth, but DO NOT over process.
  2. Check seasoning to taste and set aside. ‎
Assembly: ‎
  1. ‎ Place noodles in bowl and top with desired amount of spicy pecan sauce. Garnish with cucumbers, ‎scallions, chili crisp, sesame seeds, and more Spicy candied pecans to taste.
  2. Enjoy!
  3. Serves 4-6.

 Recipe adapted from I Love Pecans with permission.