April 22, 2019

More Than a Snack: Fortune Favors Recipe Ideas!

Oatmeal with Candied Pecans

Are you getting tired of eating Fortune Favors candied pecans plain? OK, me neither. But if you’re big on small ways to make your days just a little bit brighter, try experimenting with ways to add Fortune Favors pecans to some of your daily meals. It’s a simple step that, believe me, will bring you a lot of joy. Here are some ideas to get you started, which have been tested and deemed delicious by our customers and staff alike.

  • On a salad. Sweet, salty and crunchy, our candied pecans can be tossed into a salad to achieve a perfectly balanced appetizer or main course. Fresh or dried fruit adds an extra layer of complexity and brightness. Just be sure to add Fortune Favors right before serving so that the dressing doesn’t wash off the very thin, crispy layer of sugar.
  • On an ice cream sundae. Throw on a handful of Fortune Favors The Classic or The Spicy to top off a sundae. Caramel and hot fudge pair beautifully with Fortune Favors. 
  • In sweet potato casserole. The sweet nuttiness of pecans and the way ours are caramelized make Fortune Favors the perfect addition to this autumn favorite.
  • Added to baked goods. Toss a cup or two of chopped Fortune Favors into your batter before baking, or round off your favorite sweet roll recipe with a handful of Fortune Favors sprinkled on top.
  • On oatmeal. For a quick, filling breakfast, add Fortune Favors to your oatmeal along with brown sugar, milk, fresh fruit, chocolate chips, spices, or whatever your personal favorite toppings are. This idea also applies to pancakes and waffles, because......yum. 
  • Trail mix. My favorite snack recently has been a heavenly, hearty mix of The Classic, dried cherries, and chocolate chunks. You can get creative with this by mixing together any combination of nuts and dried fruit for a delicious, filling snack.
  • On a cheese board. A great option if you’re looking to make something fancier. Check out local foodie Alice Choi’s Instagram (@hipfoodiemom1) for inspiration!
  • Use them to make turtles! Gooey, crunchy, chocolate-caramel goodness... 

Have any other ideas of how to dress up Fortune Favors? Let us know!

*photo credit to Grace VanBerkel for some tasty oatmeal wizardry!

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