April 22, 2019

More Than a Snack: Fortune Favors Recipe Ideas!

Are you getting tired of eating Fortune Favors candied pecans plain? OK, me neither. But if you’re big on small ways to make your days just a little bit brighter, try experimenting with ways to add Fortune Favors pecans to some of your daily meals. It’s a simple step that, believe me, will bring you a lot of joy. Here are some ideas to get you started, which have been tested and deemed delicious by our customers and staff alike.

  • On a salad.
  • On an ice cream sundae.
  • In sweet potato casserole.
  • Added to baked goods.
  • On oatmeal.
  • Trail mix.
  • On a cheese board.
  • Use them to make turtles!

Have any other ideas of how to dress up Fortune Favors? Let us know!

*photo credit to Grace VanBerkel for some tasty oatmeal wizardry!

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