January 8, 2024

2024 Fortune Favors New Year's Recipe Guide

bowl of Fortune Favors candied pecans with fruit and flowers in background

Healthy recipes don't have to be boring!

We've created a Fortune Favors New Year's Recipe Guide to help you jumpstart everyday recipes with our flavorful, crunchy, and nutrient-packed pecans. Click the recipe name to view the full recipe!

Fortune Favors facts:
✅ Naturally vegan
✅ High in protein
✅ Gluten-free
✅ Contain healthy (monounsaturated) fats
✅ Great source of fiber
✅ Full of antioxidants
✅ Low in sugar (7% by weight vs. ~50% in most candied nuts)

Gluten-free & Vegan Recipes

Kale, Pecan, and Quinoa Salad

Mason Jar Salad with The Everything
Mason jar salad with Fortune Favors The Everything candied pecans

Hearty & Vegetarian Recipes

Butternut Squash The Spicy Chili

The Spicy Quiche

Satisfy-Your-Sweet-Tooth Recipes

Fortune Favors Maple Granola

Fortune Favors Banana Bread
Banana bread made with Fortune Favors candied pecans

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