April 11, 2023

National Pecan Day is April 14!

Did you know speech bubble with pecan confetti

Happy National Pecan Day!

Here at Nutrack, pecans are pretty important to us. They're the heart of our business! We spend our days surrounded by them, writing about them, and dreaming up new ways to make them even more delicious!

We make Fortune Favors candied pecans with only four ingredients — pecans, sugar, salt, and canola oil — so our product features the full flavor of classic American pecans! Celebrate this perfect nut with these pecan facts!

1. Pecans are the only nuts native to North America.

2. It would take 11,624 pecans stacked end to end to reach the top of the Empire State Building. 

3. Pecans are among the most nutritious of all nuts containing more than 19 vitamins and minerals.

4.There are over 1,000 varieties of pecans. The Classic, The Spicy, and Everything are made with junior mammoth pecans. 

5. Pecans are out of this world! Astronauts brought pecans to the moon in two different Apollo space missions. 

6.Roasted pecan shells were often used as a substitute for coffee in World War II.

7. Albany Georgia is the pecan capital of the world and is home to more than 600,000 pecan trees. It's even home to New Communities, Inc., one of our beloved pecan suppliers. 

8. The U.S. produces 80% of the world's pecans. Below is a picture of pecan orchard from our grower in New Mexico.

9. Pecan trees can live and produce for over 200 years.

10. Georgia pecan wood was selected by the Atlanta Committee to make the handles of the torches for 1996 Olympic Games.

Along with our candied pecans, we also sell high quality raw pecan halves that come directly from our New Mexico grower! The naturally earthy and buttery-flavored nuts make a great snack or baking ingredient.

How many pounds of candied pecans do you think we make in the kitchen each week? Over 3,000 pounds each week—that's A LOT. We love being able to share so many extraordinary pecans with you!