October 26, 2022

What our new facility means to us

New Fortune Favors facility from the sky

New space, same extraordinary candied pecans! If you receive our newsletters or follow us on social media, you've probably heard that we moved. But now you can learn about what our new facility really means to us as a team and as a business. Read below to find out!

A bigger kitchen!

We outgrew our kitchen at 2086 Atwood Ave over a year ago, but did the best with what we had in order to keep making pecans. Now our kitchen is HUGE and the possibilities of what, how, and how much we can make seem endless! And we have a ~DISHWASHER~, which is a GAMECHANGER. As a whole, it's a more comfortable environment for our kitchen team to work in, which keeps them relaxed and energized. 

Person packing candied pecans into plastic pouches

More storage space!

Since Fortune Favors' beginnings, we stored most of our ingredients, packaging, and finished product in a storage facility all the way out in Sun Prairie. This was a huge point of inefficiency for us, bringing product back and forth almost daily. Now we’re housing EVERYTHING under one roof! That includes raw ingredients, cans, lids, boxes, and all of the Fortune Favor-filled cans that end up in your hands. It’s a huge relief for us physically and logically as we continue to fine tune our inventory and tracking systems.

pallets of boxes in a large warehouse

Offices (and desks!)

Below is a picture of our three leaders, Jess, Sam, and Eric, having a meeting outside last summer. That’s because our Atwood shop didn’t allow enough space for extra tables, desks, and chairs. Now we feel very grateful to have six separate office rooms, each with its own desk and computer dock. These offices give us oases to think, create, dream, and “do numbers stuff” (per Jess). 

Sam, Eric, and Jess having a leadership meeting outside in a parking lot

 A loading dock!

Our fancy, new place has 8 garage doors and a ~LOADING DOCK~ so we can send and receive shipments directly. That means we have the capacity to send out our pecans to wholesale accounts across the country in one truckload instead of several individual shipments. Trucks can back up to the dock and we'll load them up using an electric pallet jack (not pictured). We'll also be able to receive bulk shipments of ingredients and packaging materials.

A large pallet wrapped and waiting for pickup at dock

Shipping warehouse (coming soon)!

In the new year, we will be moving our shipping from Atwood Ave to our new facility in Cottage Grove. We can’t wait for the opportunity to maximize organization and quality assurance to get Fortune Favors to you as quickly and as beautifully as possible. (Current shipping space pictured below.)

Former kitchen turned into shipping area at Fortune Favors shop

A break room! 

While it sounds a bit odd, we might be most humbled by our new break room. It features four tables, a fridge, a microwave, and a sink. (Our former break area consisted of a table.) This break room offers us a space to grow as a team and get to know each other as people over sparkling water and gas station cookies. It also gives us more access to Chef Eric’s leftovers that he so kindly shares with us. 😁

Break room at new facility