August 8, 2023

The Fortune Favors shop: What We Sell in 2023

It's been a minute since we've updated you all on what's available at ye Ol' Fortune Favors shop. I will warn you now, this is going to be a long blog post!

Over the past year, we've vastly expanded our selection of retail items. From artisanal chocolate, local jams, cocktail kits, and charming greeting cards--we are no longer just an elementary candied pecan shop! Keep on reading to hear about our hand-selected, mostly local, and unique selection of goodies.

Chocolate + Other Sweets

Douglas Sweets (Shelburne, VT) *women-owned*
Douglas Sweets, the mother-daughter duo, has been making Scottish shortbread since 2012. Currently, we carry 4 lovely variants of their neo-traditional shortbread: Lemon Rosemary, Pecan Sandies, Orange Blossom and Traditional. 

Gail Ambrosius (Madison, WI) *local and women-owned*
Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier, known for their fine, sustainably sourced, single-origin chocolates may be right across the street from us, but we still stock our shelves with our personal favorites: the 5 piece Dark Chocolate Salted Caramels, the White Chocolate Strawberry bar, and the Pecan Smokies.

Hammond's Chocolate (Denver, CO)
Hammond's has been making classic candies and chocolates since 1920. As lovers of quaint and old-fashioned aesthetics, Hammond's timeless treats fit right in at our shop. You can find a variety of Hammond's old school lollipops and chocolate bars on our shelves year round, and their fabulously oversized candy canes during the holidays.

Madison Chocolate Company (Madison, WI) *local and women-owned*
Located on Monroe St, Madison Chocolate Company, is an extremely stylish and delicious gluten-free chocolate shop. We cannot speak highly enough of our friends over at MCC. Currently, we carry MCC's Ghost Pepper Caramels, Sea Salt Caramel Sauce and Ghost Pepper Caramel Sauce. During the holidays, we carry their hot chocolate and peppermint bark as well.

Mayana Chocolate (Spooner, WI) *local and women-owned*
Mayana Chocolate makes mouth-watering, delicious candy bars. Currently, we sell 4 flavors of their uber cute mini chocolate bars: Space bar, Pride bar, Coffee Break bar, and the Kitchen Sink bar. Mayana Chocolate also co-developed our best-selling and beloved, Magic Bar, so their business is very dear to us!

Moonstruck Chocolate (Portland, OR)
Moonstruck makes gorgeous and uniquely-flavored chocolate bars. Currently we carry their Milk Chocolate Orange, Pistachio, & Rose bar, Milk Chocolate Toffee bar, Sea Salt Almond bar, and hot chocolate.

Ritual Chocolate (Park City, Utah)
Ritual Chocolate makes elegant chocolate bars with the best ingredients money can buy. On top of that, their packaging is stunning! Currently, we carry their Juniper Lavender bar, Après bar, Desert Sands bar, Snowed In bar, S'mores bar, Pine Nut bar, and Raspberry Oat Milk White Chocolate bar.

Tapped (Stevens Point, WI) *local and women-owned*
Tapped Maple Syrup crafts delicious flavored cocktail syrups and pure maple syrup. All products are made with sap from sustainably managed forests in northern Wisconsin.  

The Xocolate Bar (Berkeley, CA) *women & Latina-owned*
We first came across The Xocolate Bar because they ordered our candied pecans to make their delicious, vegan Rocky Road bar. Now, we carry several of their chocolate bars and 3 beautiful truffle boxes in our shop. 

Cocktail Mixers

Bittercube (Milwaukee, WI) *local*
Since 2009, Bittercube has been "making drinks come true." Featured in our humble shop is Bittercube's orange, cherry bark vanilla, Jamaican No. 2 and Trinity bitters. 

Camp Craft Cocktails (Jacksonville, FL) *women-owned*
These trendy, expertly-mixed, infuse-at-home cocktail kits come in classic and seasonal varieties. Each glass jar features dried fruits, spices, and vegan, non-GMO sugar. Great for cocktails or mocktails. Current offers are old fashioned, lavender lemonade, hibiscus ginger lemon, hot toddy, and sangria.

Mad Maiden Shrub (Madison, WI) *women-owned*
Shrub is zero-proof drinking vinegar hand-crafted from fruits and/or plants. Mad Maiden makes her vinegar base from Wisconsin apples and Midwest flavors. Add a tablespoon to salad dressing, sparkling water, or your favorite cocktail. 

pink House Alchemy (Fayetteville, AK) *women-owned*
pink House Alchemy (like pH, get it?) makes infused simple syrups, bitters, and shrubs. Currently, we carry their classic simple syrup, lavender syrup, and tonic syrup for creating amazing cocktails right at home.

Snacks + Savory + Spicy

American Spoon (Saugatuck, MI) *local*
American Spoon has been expertly packaging pantry favorites for 45 years. Currently, we carry their honey mustard, whole grain mustard, lemon curd, blueberry preserves, and sour cherry preserves.

Bushel & Peck's (Beloit, WI) *local*
They simply do everything well! We're stocked with their jams, hot sauce, Bloody Mary Mix, and dill pickles. Jams include: strawberry, blueberry, tomato, and cherry lavender. Hot sauces: Cherry Bomb, Golden Ghost, Jalapeno Lime, Sweet Chili. 

The Deliciouser (Madison, WI)  *local*
Started during the pandemic, this small business artfully creates spice blends, salts, and drink mixes! We carry a global array of their spices: Za'atar (Mediterranean), Vadouvan (French), Night Market (Thai), Ras El Hanout (Moroccan), and Umamier (earthy & savory). We also carry their mulling spice blend!

Ernie's Kick Sauce (Madison, WI) *Black-owned and women-owned*
Slightly chunky and super fresh-tasting hot sauce in Mild and Hot. It's great as a topping, condiment, or salsa--on avocados, mac n cheese, french fries, and pizza!

Potter's Crackers (Madison, WI) *local*
Several award-winning flavors of their crisps are available in our shop and pair well with our Classic candied pecans, cheeses, meats, and jams all on a to-die-for grazing board.

Rishi Tea (Milwaukee, WI) *local*
Rishi Tea makes some of the best tea blends available in the U.S. and they happen to be ~74 miles from our door :-) Pop by our shop to grab a box of Jasmine, Earl Grey, Chamomile, Lavender Mint and many more!

Savory Accents (Verona, WI) *local*
Savory Accents is a local, husband-wife business that focuses on all things spicy. And boy, do they nail it! Find their habanero-infused honey, chili jam, and chili oil on our shelves.

Q's Nuts (Somerville, MA)
It took us 4 years to finally carry nuts besides pecans! While we still think pecans are #1, cashews are a close #2. That's why we started carrying Q's Sea Salt Rosemary Cashews and they sure do hit the spot.

Gift Giving

Alexandra Art+Design (Madison, WI) *local, queer-owned, women-owned*
We love Ali's greeting cards! Find AAD's gorgeous WI flower cards, fox cards, and WI outdoor activity cards in our shop.

Angela Rose Studios (Richland Center, WI) *women-owned*
Angie makes amazing smelling candles just a hop, skip and a jump away. Find her Brandy Old Fashioned, Lavender, and Madison candles in our shop.

Dogwood Hill (Mountain Brook, AL) *women-owned*
Dogwood Hill makes gorgeous wrapping paper! 

Party of One (Ann Arbor, MI) *local & women-owned*
Party of One makes hilarious and relevant greeting cards and stickers that we love :)

Red Cap Cards (Los Angeles, CA) *women-owned*
Red Cap Cards makes vibrant and unique greeting cards and wrapping paper. We can't get enough of their designs.