November 30, 2022

Fortune Favors: Madison’s Vegan Hotspot

Vegan holiday gift ideas

For all of those vegans out there or for those of you who love vegans — a new day has arrived for holiday gifting and stocking filling! Gone are the days when the only vegan treats are either accidentally vegan (highly processed and filled with hydrogenated oils) or hours-away travel destinations. Don’t get me wrong, I still drive hours for a great vegan donut or plan a weekend getaway for the sole purpose of trying a great new vegan restaurant. 

Looking back on choosing a plant-based diet over 20 years ago, I regret the stress it brought to my parents and friends who struggled to make holidays the yearly indulgence we all enjoyed. While my brother and sister unloaded (and ate) decadent treats from their stockings on Christmas morning, I tried not to look disappointed by the less decadent non-treats in mine. They got chocolate and caramel, and I got hand lotion and lip balm. Sadness. For a struggling middle child, even more sadness. This is no longer my reality! And it doesn’t have to be for anyone you know and love this year — including yourself. 

Come to Fortune Favors to fill up on all kinds of vegan gifts and stocking stuffers! 

Not only are our incredibly delicious, hard-to-stop-eating Classic, Spicy, Everything, New Communities, AND Winter Warmer candied pecans naturally vegan, but the shop is filled with chocolates and hot chocolate to add warmth to even the coldest Wisconsin winter. These are not just plain, ordinary chocolates, but blend unique flavor combinations like juniper and lavender, sparkling white wine and dried raspberries, mulling-spices and orange. 

For people with a smaller sweet tooth, Fortune Favors' shelves are also filled with savory and spicy treats. Varieties of hot sauces — from ghost pepper to jalapeño lime — will satisfy the most brazen fanatics as well as those that enjoy a more mild, less lip-tingling heat. Popcorn and craft cocktail infusion jars will make sitting around the fire with board games and puzzles more enjoyable for everyone this holiday season. 

There is just one problem with doing my holiday shopping at Fortune Favors — I buy two sets of gifts: one for my family and friends and one for me. 

I’m definitely buying a bigger stocking this year! 

-Sharon, Team Fortune Favors' Resident Vegan