January 5, 2022

2021 Highlights: A Year in Review

Collage of 2021 Fortune Favors highlights
It's hard to believe another year has gone by and Nutkrack (now Fortune Favors) is now officially 3.5 years old! We have much to be proud of in 2021 and we owe so much of that to our incredible customers. THANK YOU for your support last year (and beyond!) and for continuing to share our candied pecans with others!

2021 Highlights:
  • We launched a new flavor!
    Everything Seasoned is here to stay. With hints of dried garlic, onion, sesame and poppy seed, this savory flavor is still slightly sweet as a candied pecan should be :)
  • We expanded our wholesale realm!
    Our pecans are now available in dozens more retail shops and grocery stores including Whole Foods, Kowalski's, Sendik's, and Lunds and Byerlys!
  • We co-created a candy bar!
    We partnered with Mayana Chocolate to make the "Magic Bar," 
    featuring Fortune Favors! It's layered with caramel, vanilla nougat, and our Classic pecans and covered in dark chocolate. 
  • We were voted 2nd Place Artisan Food Product in Best of Madison 2021!
    We received the honor of second place in the Artisan Food Product category of Madison Magazine's Best of Madison annual competition. 
  • We donated $3K to local non-profits!
    Community has always been one of our priorities... we want our friends and neighbors to succeed! Together we can take on the challenges brought on by this pandemic and we plan to triple our donations in 2022.
  • We added more products to our shop!
    We rearranged our tiny Atwood shop and brought in cheese board-adjacent products like crackers, jam, hot sauce, cocktail bitters, and chocolate. You'll see even more products like these in 2022.
  • We welcomed new staff to the Fortune Favors team!
    We hired Hank the Squirrel as a full-time mascot and content creator. We look forward to having his fresh take and furry presence around the shop.
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Here we come 2022!