October 9, 2020

Hip Foodie Mom + Fortune Favors = Great recipes and great deals!

As a small business, and as a human being, you need friends.  The more, the better.  Team Fortune Favors has been incredibly blessed with an amazing roster of friends from near and far, wonderful people who help us survive and thrive. 

Do they ask for anything in return?  Nope.

Well, one thing: they want us to keep making delicious candied pecans!

We are here for you, friends!

One of those friends, who has been with us since the beginning, is Alice Choi. You may know her better as the Hip Foodie Mom, an Instagram, YouTube and blogging superstar who brings her love of food, cooking and life to hundreds of thousands of loyal fans each week.

Alice has done as much as anyone to help us build our brand, introducing Fortune Favors to countless new customers, and helping us create our amazing army of fans all over the country!

We get a little long-winded when we talk about people we like so much, so let's get to the good stuff:

Alice, THANK YOU so much for your friendship, partnership and for all of the food-loving joy you put out into the world every day!

All of you Nutkrackers out there, head on over to Hip Foodie Mom for an awesome fall cheese board tutorial, and an amazing coupon code to use here at Nutkrack!