In the heart of enchanted groves, where whispers of magic dance through the leaves, lies a treasure untold: fresh, wondrous raw pecan halves, a secret too divine not to share!

Behold, the pecan, crowned as the sovereign gem of our realm, the very lifeblood of our venture! It is our fervent desire to bestow upon you the essence of Fortune Favors, in its purest, unadorned form. An offering both for those in search of untamed, unsweetened splendor and for the master alchemists of the kitchen.

No, not in the aisles of local markets, the truest bounty emerges from the hands of the grower, in quantities known to mortals as monumental. The pecans that grace this parcel are nothing short of celestial, unrivaled in their majesty and tenderly priced.

12 ounces, cradled in a resealable pouch and grown on the soil of the USA.

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Raw Pecan Halves 12oz Pouch

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