January 18, 2022

The Fortune Favors' Shop Sells More Than Candied Pecans!

Outside of candied pecans, friendly faces, and a "normal" amount of squirrel decorations, local customers can find lots of other delights in our modest east side shop in Madison, WI. And most of the items are local—we love supporting other small businesses in Madison and throughout Wisconsin!

Bundle a few of these items with Nutkrack to create the perfect gift basket or box. We offer gift wrapping and gift bags!

Check out the rotating (and sometimes seasonal) list of products we have in our shop!

Gail Ambrosius (Madison, WI) *women-owned*
Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier is located just across the street from us and we're honored to feature their salted caramel sleeves and pecan smokies. If we're closed, walk across the street and you'll find Fortune Favors in their shop :) 

Madison Chocolate Company (Madison, WI)
We've got MCC's Bourbon Chocolate Caramels, Apple Brandy Caramels, ghost pepper caramels, hot chocolate, and marshmallows (seasonal) on our shelves. (We offer an abbreviated selection of chocolate during summer.)

Mayana Chocolate (Spooner, WI)
Four flavors of Mayana mini bars and our collaborative Magic Bar (almost too good to be true--pecan caramel, vanilla bean nougat, and Fortune Favors The Classic all covered in 66% dark chocolate)!

The Xocolate Bar (Berkeley, CA) *queer & Latinx-owned*
Dark chocolate lovers MUST try these spicy pecan bars (with The Spicy!), Rocky Road bars, cocktail truffle 4-packs, and seasonal delights like chocolate Santas and Valentine's truffles. (And most of these items are vegan).

Moonstruck Chocolate (Portland, OR)
Moonstruck makes cutely packaged truffle boxes and quirky-flavored, delicious chocolate bars like Milk Chocolate Spiced Maple Waffle, Dark Chocolate Strawberry & Basil, and Milk Chocolate Orange, Pistachio, & Rose. Mmmm!

Mad Maiden Shrub (Madison, WI) *women-owned*
Shrub is zero-proof drinking vinegar hand-crafted from fruits and/or plants. It's great in mocktails, cocktails, dressings, and marinades!  

Bittercube (Milwaukee, WI)
Add these cocktail bitters, featured in orange, cherry bark vanilla, and trinity, to your next Wisconsin Old Fashioned

Camp Craft Cocktails (Jacksonville, FL)
These simple, infuse-at-home cocktail kits come in classic and seasonal varieties. Each glass jar features dried fruits, spices, and vegan, non-GMO sugar. Great for cocktails or mocktails!

Tapped (Stevens Point, WI) *women-owned*
Tapped crafts delicious flavored cocktail syrups and pure maple syrup. All products are made with sap from sustainably managed forests in northern Wisconsin.  

Potter's Crackers (Madison, WI)
Several award-winning flavors of both their crisps and crackers are available in our shop and pair well with Fortune Favors, cheeses, meats, and chocolates on a cheese board!

Savory Accents (Verona, WI)
Habanero-infused honey! DELICIOUS on cheese and pizza crusts or in tea and desserts. Savory Accents was featured on Wisconsin Foodie in 2021!

Ernie's Kick Sauce (Madison, WI) *Black-owned and women-owned*
Slightly chunky and super fresh-tasting hot sauce in Mild and Hot. It's great as a topping, condiment, or salsa--on avocados, mac n cheese, french fries, and pizza!

El Delciouser (Madison, WI)
Started during the pandemic, this small business artfully creates spice blends, salts, and drink mixes! We carry a global array of their spices: Za'atar (Mediterranean), Vadouvan (French), Might Market (Thai), Ras El Hanout (Moroccan), and Umamier (earthy & savory). 

Bushel & Peck's (Beloit, WI)
They do everything well! We're stocked with their jams, hot sauce, Bloody Mary Mix, and dill pickles. Jams include: strawberry, blueberry, tomato, and cherry lavender. Hot sauces: Cherry Bomb, Golden Ghost, Jalapeno Lime, Sweet Chili. 

Rishi Tea (Milwaukee, WI)
Various flavors of tea (in bags) to compliment your cozy winter afternoons or try them iced for a summer refresher. 

Douglas Sweets (Shelburne, VT) *women-owned*
Three lovely flavors of traditional shortbread cookies—Traditional, Lemon Rosemary, Pecan Sandies, and Orange Blossom. 

Peterson Family Farm (Riverton, UT) 
These kernels are ready to be popped on your stove top and sprinkled with your favorite salty or sweet or spicy toppings. Available in four colorful flavors: Yellow, Blue, Red, and Calico!

Assortment of holiday, birthday, and thoughtful cards:
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Dear Hancock (New England)
Hartland Brooklyn (Leeds, NY)
Red Cap Cards (LA-based)