March 17, 2020

Nutkrack's Response to COVID-19

Nutkrack Canning Process

Hello Nutkrack friends and neighbors,

First, we thank all of you for your incredible support of our little nut company over the past 20 months. We have been overwhelmed by the positivity and camaraderie in our neighborhood, city and the broader specialty food business. You have made our Nutkrack family a part of yours, and we can’t thank you enough. As we all work through these difficult times, it is incredibly heartening to know that we have seen in practice how much our community cares for each other.

We want to update all of you on the changes we are making here at Nutkrack in order to keep us all safe, and to weather this challenge we all face together.

We are a very small, new company, with only seven employees, most of whom are part-time. All of us in retail and food spend much of our lives as businesses on the knife’s edge between profitability and loss. Our staff ride that roller coaster with us, and in this situation we are working very hard to find the best way to keep our people working, stay in business and take care of each other.

As of today, our retail shop is closed. When we have more guidance from public health officials, we will make a decision on a date to reopen. With your support, we have been able to institute a paid time off program over the past year, so all of our staff have at least some PTO built up. We are allowing all of our staff members to make the choice for themselves as to whether they want to keep working their scheduled shifts, or remain at home. There will be no penalty or repercussions for those who chose to stay home.

If you want to keep enjoying Nutkrack and Firekracker without leaving home, our online ordering system remains open at For those in the Madison area, we are instituting a local delivery program. In the cities of Madison, Monona, Middleton, Fitchburg, Sun Prairie and Waunakee you have two options. You can call in to the shop to place your order and pay over the phone, or you can order online. For online orders, those with shipping addresses in the listed zip codes will automatically be flagged for delivery by our staff person on duty. We will deliver your purchase in a closed bag to your home, within 48 hours, with no need for you to come in contact with us. There will be a $5 delivery charge, and we will donate $1 from each order to our local food pantries here on the East side.

When we think about who we are, and what we want Nutkrack to be, we see much more than a snack company. We spend each day creating and selling a product that brings people together, helping all of us create wonderful memories with friends and family around our shared tables. These memories are the things that help us feel positive, connected and strong every day, and keep us going in difficult times. We hope that is how sharing Nutkrack makes you feel, and we are going to do our best to keep moving forward, the same way we always do. There are hundreds of small businesses in our community who need all of our support, and we join all of you in getting creative and thinking of ways to make sure we all come out of the other side of this crisis as strong, connected and together as ever!

Be well,

The Nutkrack team